We make well thought out, well designed and fast loading websites, it's that simple.

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How we work

Our process consists of four steps, each taking a week. We ensure that your website is tailored to you and your customer's needs.

  1. Market and user experience research
  2. Design and copywriting
  3. Development and analytics setup
  4. Quality assurance and go-live

Australian Small businesses deserve better websites.

At &Sam we craft websites for small businesses. Starting with in-depth research, we uncover what your website needs to be doing and how to do it, is it to generate leads? Or for customers to find out opening times and a menu? Is it for customer support?

Then we validate it.

We source and interview people who fall into your target market, We ask them the right questions so that we can understand what it is that will allow and encourage them to take the right actions on your new website.

Then bring on the design phase.

We take the information gathered in the research phase and get out our digital brush. Using your brand and visual preferences, we design something completely bespoke - we never use templates or themes. We create a web page that you are proud to share, and that is a beacon of your business.

After you have signed off on the design, we move to the build phase. We use modern web technologies so that your website is fast. Really fast! We know that your entire page needs to load within 1-2 seconds, or your visitors will hit the back button and go to one of your competitors' websites. We code everything by hand while integrating appropriate tools such as google analytics and a content management system.

Before the site goes live, we go through a vigorous quality assurance process. Here you will have the opportunity to share the website with your employees, your friends and family. Using your feedback, we make final tweaks.

We know that low-quality websites hinder growth for small businesses, and for most small companies, low-quality sites are their reality. We utilise our experience and education at &Sam to ensure that your business does not suffer a low-quality website. We believe in Australian Small business and we want you to succeed! We know we can help!

Technologies we use

adobe facebook google ads google analytics javascript linkedin sass svelte

Who is &Sam?

&Sam is Sam Joyce, and a team of independent contractors that are engaged on a per project basis. This allows &Sam to keep overheads low enabling the delivery of quality projects at a fraction of the cost of larger agencies. Sam built his first website in 2001. His interest in web design and development was ignited by his Father and Grandfather, who built websites for small businesses throughout the 1990's and 2000's.

Sam's formal education includes:
  • Bachelor of Business in Entrepreneurship.
  • Graduate Certificate in Innovation and Technology Management.
  • Graduate Certificate in UX and Web Design.
Professionally he has:
  • Run a personal training business (and understands what it means to be a small business owner!).
  • Partnerships Manager for Steve Baxter's River City Labs, supporting hundreds of Queensland startups.
  • Community Management for the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur.
  • Lead design and marketing capacities at numerous startups.